Pyrophyllite: aka African Wonderstone



Superb Quality Carving and Sculpting Stone

We offer pyrophyllite for sale as single pieces for the artist or matching sized lots for art classes. If you would like to buy pyrophyllite in large quantity feel free to contact us for current pricing and availability.

Pyrophyllite is a superior carving stone with strength and a uniform texture that is rarely matched by other stones that can be carved with steel tools. Trimming cuts can be made with a carpenters hand saw, bandsaw, or hacksaw, and shaping tools range from hatchets (it is that tough!) to power routers to rasps and files, chisels and pocket knives. It has about the hardness of soapstone, but a different mineral base that is stronger and more consistent than soapstone. It is unaffected by water so that it can be wet carved to reduce dust, and will withstand high heat after properly drying by slow initial heating. It can be machined to tight tolerances, and is often used for machined components in industrial applications. Our material is pre-sawn with flat surfaces and square edges on almost every piece, making it easy to cut rough shapes with power saws or hand saws. Sizes in stock range from two inch squares to large blocks that weigh over 150 pounds. It is charcoal black when polished and finished, and the finish can be buffed to a high luster. Applications for this material include art sculpture, molds for casting, woodstove heat sinks, bookends, smoking pipes, and taxidermy bases to name a few. Many artists report that pyrophyllite is the finest soft stone they have ever carved.

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